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How to cook our Pasta

We suggest to boil water in a large pot, ( 1 litre of water every 100gr of Pasta )

When water boiling add 10gr of salt for every litre of water in your pot and a tea spoon of olive oil directly in the water pot.

( pasta will not assorbe the olive oil  but will help to prevent pasta stickiness )

When water boiling add the pasta, stir well and cover with a lid till water will boil again.

then boil the pasta for 3 minutes ( average time )

Take a cup of Pasta’s water while pasta is cooking and keep in a side for a later use.

After 3 minutes remove pasta from water, and stir well in a warm sauce ( can be in a saucepan or in a bowl ) it’s very important the sauce is warm.

Stir well till the sauce is sticked in the pasta.


• If the pasta is too sticky and not enough sauce, please add half cup of Pasta Water and stir well, it will relax the stickiness and give you a creamy sauce.

• If the pasta is too creamy, please boil the sauce in a large saucepan with pasta and stir frequently till thickness requested. 

 * Remember :

Our sauces are made directly to order, fresh every day in our central kitchen, the sauces are already cooked, you will have to warm it in a saucepan and stir gently with fresh pasta ! 

Add fresh Parmesan cheese on top of your pasta !