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Paprika Flour Pasta - Special Flour

Paprika Flour Pasta - Special Flour

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Please Note :

This Special Flour is Rich in Fibres and low in gluten but is not Gluten Free.

This flour is a distinctive coral red colour, more intense in parts. It has a characteristic slightly spicy fragrance and flavour. Thanks to its tonic and antiseptic action, it stimulates the digestive system, easing digestion and strengthening the circulation. Rich in vitamins E, B, C, K and betacarotene.

Our Chef suggests Paprika Pasta with :

Boiled potatoes, chicken steak, lettuce and buffalo milk mozzarella.

Fresh Made To Order Pasta 

We Usually Suggest 200Gr. of fresh Pasta for a Medium Main Dish

• FRESH Chilled Product

Shelf Life :

Fresh 6 Days Fridge

Frozen 6 Months Freezer